Whether you are shopping for your first home or simply refinancing your existing mortgage, Greenville National Bank offers a number of mortgage options, including both fixed and variable rates, which are designed to meet your needs. Our home equity line of credit allows you to access the equity in your home when you need it simply by writing a check. There are no annual fees and low or no closing costs if you are a current Greenville National Bank mortgage loan or deposit customer.

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Call 937-548-1114 and ask to speak to one of our Loan Officers. 
You may visit the GNB Online Mortgage Center to check rates or fill out an application. 

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Mortgage Loan Originators
Brian R. Griesdorn, Greenville Main Office - NMLS ID#718811
Jim J. Magoto, Greenville Main Office - NMLS ID# 718813
Sam A. Suter, Greenville Main Office - NMLS ID#718815
Michael J. Boyer, Greenville Main Office - NMLS ID#718810
Rob K. Loesch, Greenville Main Office - NMLS ID#987128
Michael L. Batten, Consumer Loan Department - NMLS ID#718808
Bradley D. Bixler, Arcanum Office - NMLS ID#718809
Thomas J. Ording, Arcanum Office - NMLS ID#718814
Brian M. Wood, Ansonia Office - NMLS ID#718816
Matthew S. Kolb, Bradford Office - NMLS ID #718812