Greenville National Bank is now offering a new product called Green Net Banking.

What is Green Net Banking? Green Net Banking, also known as Remote Deposit Capture, is the scanning and conversion of negotiable items into a digital image. With just a few simple steps, you can make your deposit anytime, day or night, without even leaving your office. Here are just a few other benefits that Green Net Banking offers:

  •  Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the convenience of your own office 
  • Improve cash flow 
  • Save time preparing deposits & eliminate the cost of deposit slips
  • Eliminate costly courier fees or trips to the bank
  • Deposits made weekdays by 4:00 pm are processed same day
  • Reduce risk of check fraud & increase opportunity for collection
  • Check Images and Reports are stored for 7 years
  • Allows custom transaction reports to be created allowing you to monitor daily transactions

Payment Wizard

Used to create manual ACH transactions. Users can process payment requests over the phone, via fax, mail or in person. 

Payment Wizard options include:

  • One-time ACH Pre-authorized payment
  • Recurring ACH Pre-authorized payments
  • One-time ACH Telephone payment
  • One-time ACH Credit/Partial Refund
  • Recurring ACH Credits
  • ACH Refunds

Call one of our Green Net Banking representatives to see if you qualify for Green Net Banking and to find out how our product can save your business time and money! 

Please ask to speak to Amy at (937) 548-1114 or Nellie at (937) 692-5105.